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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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video on demand. minefield costs and. with the palm of your. question on the dot com. hello i'm tom hartman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture what happens when the occupy movement shuts down the ports on the west coast eleven on the ground report on the action from today from today's massive day of action we've all seen the super high tech predator drones used by the american military to collect intelligence and hunt down terrorists in the middle east so what the heck are they doing circling the skies over north dakota. and republican say these so-called millionaire's surtax will be the death knell for small businesses but guess what small business owners
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are saying not so much. you need to know this over the weekend fifty five patriots were arrested early morning raid in the occupy san francisco encampment that means the number of patriots arrested as part of the occupy wall street movement across america is nearing five and a half thousand with still zero banks toure's in jail. but that's not enough to take the movement off the streets today we saw a massive day of action up and down the west coast as the movement occupy the ports building off last month's successful occupation of the port of oakland that shut down the fifth busiest port in the nation today ports in los angeles long beach
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portland anchorage seattle and tacoma were turning at the long beach port several hundred demonstrators blocked trucks outside a shipping company it was partly owned by goldman sachs ports in oakland were disrupted and so too were ports in portland as a media spokesman for occupy oakland said yaki by movement is attacking the one percent at their point of profit for the latest on what happened today on the west coast as mark taylor canfield member of the occupy seattle media working group mark welcome to the program i come good to be with you again. great to have you with us thank you mark what happened today. well here in seattle there's basically a stand going on right now between police and protesters at pier eighteen which is near downtown seattle people marched here at one o'clock it was a really long march it was several miles long they got here and then several
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hundred people blocking entrance to the port the police actually then blocked the road themselves and although the protesters were letting the truckers leave the port with their loads the police actually had them blocked for a while which was kind of interesting so the trucker actually didn't that we were talking to couldn't get out. but it's going on across the country and i wanted to to let people know too that we were watching the live stream really or this morning and they were folks that went to goldman sachs in new york city as part of our what high wall street and then afterwards there were at least fifteen that we saw arrested on the live stream including a couple journalists so there's been some more police abuse of protesters in the york city that's for sure so far here in seattle it's been completely nonviolent people are just facing off with the police so it's kind of quiet at the moment but there are more protesters arriving at the port we got started today later than the ports in san francisco and oakland park just fifteen seconds are the are the is
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where the on this well we think that a lot of the rank and file guys are of course we know that their leadership is restricted by a lot of their contracts so that they're not really able to express solidarity with us but you know people have foreign pickets and if the police would actually let us get to the por you know that might be an issue but at this point the police are not letting people get close enough to the ports so people are blocking the road into the port here in seattle ok thank you mark all right thanks. not only today should today today's day of action prove the occupy movement is still strong but also it targets the epicenter of our economic problems are so-called free trade centers where we take in goods that used to be made in america but are now made in places like asia south america or wherever else transnational c.e.o.'s are taking the race to the bottom for cheap labor and this isn't just an issue important to the occupy wall street movement it's also an issue most tea partiers are upset
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about to the outsourcing of american jobs and the end of made in america as we know it so with the tea party on the decline and the occupy wall street movement on the rise is there any hope of these two movements combining forces for more on this i'm joined by josh cadre carriage right. got it a member of richmond in virginia josh welcome. great to have you with us i understand you had a meeting with a bunch of tea partiers yeah well i would call more of a conversation i think you know a few individuals who are affiliated with the occupy movement in richmond got together at a place called gallery five in downtown richmond an art gallery with a few members or individuals affiliated with the tea party movement and we just sat down to have a little bit of a chat to see you know what pages each of us were on because i think it's fair to state that most of us see the other side through this big massive winds called the mass media and i think we on the distorted lens that likes to convolute things and
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sensationalize them so they can make more money so just to give them a fair shot because we would like a fair shot we just sat down to chat and see what the human face and story was behind this somewhat nebulous message that the mass media likes to posit on everyone what did you learn and what do you think they learned goodness well i learned that there are not a bunch of white ring nutters i think first and foremost i learned that we think that sort of a metal level have a lot of things in common in terms that we sort of see in. mutual target we see this money thing that seems to be taking precedence over people and i think that they learn that we're a little bit more informed than a bunch of hippies who don't have jobs might be you know we certainly take our time and do our research and and educate one another at the deep that we possibly can so i think that we were able to put a little bit of a background story to what the media likes to push about each of our movements what
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you know over the over the last. year or so i've gone out of my way to get on tea partiers on my show and on my radio show take a look and debate them and try to gauge and dialogue with them actually had one of them turn into an occupy person from the tea party as a result of some of those debates i'm curious how you brought this thing about how early or how you all you know how did you all end up in this part to gether well it was about a month in the works and i actually had nothing to do with the planning or the coordination of the meeting i just ended up there and i believe that there is one individual gentleman named tom who owns the art gallery who also is an original founder of the peninsula patriots in the party which is one of the tea party groups central rich and he said that he started this group because he was sick and tired of being sick and tired and so that sort of what founded this particular section of the greater movement that we've seen going across america for the last twenty or
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thirty years or more. and there's a lady with an ardent name bentley who happen to know the guy through the art gallery and they just got to talking and talking about the issues that we were all concerned about and tom said you know i think that it might be good if we all sat down together just to see where we were at because there seems to be this this energy behind trying to put the tea party in the occupy movement is this right left polarized entity that simply shouldn't exist because we're all we all envision a better world for a future and we're all afraid of this this corporate money in the scorpion. influence that seems to skew everything a wry in the sake of profits so just by sitting down together they hoped that perhaps we could we could find some mutual understanding and perhaps join forces now again i am not speaking on behalf of occupy richmond simply speaking on behalf of myself you know there are no spokespeople in same thing with that meeting none of us were there in any official capacity we were just there as humans trying to meet humans and see and see where we could relate and i think that some really
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beautiful things came out of that there is this mutual understanding in this this mutual empathy that you know we've all been working really really hard try to better this world and i think that we got a grasp on some mutual targets given that the. the tea party movement was so heavily funded by the koch brothers and by dick armey a multimillionaire lobbyist here in washington d.c. freedom works you know sudden pain for the bosses paying for the stages you know bringing in the speakers sarah palin glenn beck all these folks who were. there were a few themes that seemed to emerge in the tea party as a real regular things like lower taxes less regulation that are really important if you're multi-billionaire running oil companies like the koch brothers they want less regulation they will lower taxes. doesn't seem like it's going to mean much to the guy running the art gallery it were you was it your sense that they had figured out that they could cut through some of this b.s. frankly that you know the propaganda stuff that was coming out of the millionaires
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and billionaires running the tea party organization and and just be just be with you in the populist stuff or are they still saying in some of those songs i think the e-file in a couple the themes between each particular group right the the tea party movement seems to have this particular theme that they're a little bit older and they all hold up the constitution as this divine bible of thought right and with the occupy movement e-file and that we're all little bit younger movement seems to be a little bit more organic and grass root. and we're willing to look at the constitution and say well hey maybe this isn't exactly right maybe it really was a business model of sorts proposed by the original one percent in america see how they could make more profits and with this dichotomy across the constitution across age boundaries. what we were able to come to was this real in conclusion that they had been co-opted and i think they realized that they had been co-opted
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by money so by acknowledging that i think they were willing to say well hey maybe this this occupy thing is a little bit more organic it doesn't have anyone trying to mandate these ideas and these themes that you just spoke of to us regulate the movement each movement you know from oakland to new york to richmond to poor latte all across the nation has its own focus and i think it's that local focus that wins each group its autonomy and its creative impetus it's great stuff josh thanks for dropping by thanks so much for having us. coming up congress has only days left to extend the payroll tax cut and save middle class families thousands of dollars next year while they spend all their time perpetuating a myth. and what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to breakthrough had already been made who can you trust no one who is human view with
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a global missionary see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called sasha's when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more. when it comes to privacy we're screwed for to the los angeles times unmanned
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predator drones aren't just for hunting terrorists the middle east anymore they're being used to hunt american citizens two three men were arrested in north dakota on suspicions they stole cattle from a nearby farm and they were located thanks to the help of a predator drone conducting surveillance above local police are now saying they've used predator drones to run at least two dozen surveillance flights in north dakota alone since june although congress authorized the drones to be used mostly in two thousand and five to patrol our northern and southern borders are used for law enforcement is increasing with virtually no input from the american people and privacy and experts warned continued use of drones radically threatens the privacy of all of us for more on what this dangerous new world of local law enforcement using military predator drones means for our privacy. amy stepanovich is with us she joins me now she's the national security. national security council for epic yes that's right the attorney yes the electronic privacy information center ever
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gave me great great to have you with us. doesn't the original legislation allowing for the use of these drones just specify the use on our borders it does in there that they were given to the customs and border patrol which is the agency under g d h s that mans the borders so there's no actual authorization for them to be used for law enforcement well could this have been an accidental intercept i mean if you've got the border patrol on the northern or southern border and they see another kind of crime being committed they have as long course been officers i believe they have an obligation to intervene or at least to notify local authorities to come and do something could that be the beginning into what happened here or is this more than well as you said it's the how they say it's happened over two dozen times so we have to say at that point there might be something more to this here and actually it's part of a larger trend in what we're seeing is as technology advances more and more we're seeing it used in new and different ways so originally we saw this with the body
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scanners in the airports where eventually you had metal detectors and then you were able to take full body images naked human of the naked human form and all of a sudden that was known airports and we petition d h s and said you didn't go to the public you didn't consult the public before you made this huge technological leap and they had to go back and now they have to ask for public input so then we have before you use telecom there's an airplanes with on foresman doing surveillance but now you're able to use drones so they're using drones and again this is without any public input without any input from congress and without any authorization to do this or these drones these are military style drones are these capable being armed they are capable of being armed these are the predator drones so they are they and the middle east these are being used to hunt down military combatants they are totally capable of being armed now these. in contrast to what's going on in miami where they've recently acquired two drones for law enforcement that are totally unarmed and they're not doing little drug smuggling in the off the
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keys and that kind of thing well actually what they're saying that they're using them for what they're using them for now although missions change all the time is for instances where they normally would have been a police helicopter in hostage situations where it would have been dangerous to send a man in so they're sending in the drone instead so they can surveil the situation without endangering maybe an officer and then comes mission creep exactly what is the significance and in general the broader significance of police departments which are supposed to be protect and serve members of the community starting to use military equipment when kind of the definition the working definition of armies rather than protect and serve communities they blow things up and kill people exactly and whenever you have technology and this is developed in and war time in oppressive regimes and very very different situations than what we live in today in the united states and when you have this ability to conduct a very very in-depth surveillance a lot of times that's what happens and when you have widespread surveillance and
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law enforcement at the expense of near constant surveillance it's possible of normal ordinary people in these drones are miles up in the air they're not visible to people people don't know they're there this is not in line with our constitutional principles this is in a line with the fourth amendment with the reasonable expectation of privacy and i think the courts are going to have to come in and again reexamined what they've said before where they said that you know you're not private in your backyard because a helicopter can fly over you and see you well if something's flying so far up in the air that you can't see that it's there is your expectation of privacy a little bit different. that's a that's a really good question because you know the but the back yard part i was thinking of the for the most as in your home and papers and personal possessions and how does that extend to being outdoors i mean all they can see is the roof your house unless they started quipping them with things like infrared detectors and they still you know like the way that they look for people who are growing pot in their
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houses well exactly and you have i mean when you have the body scanners the airports let me go back to that now you have them out on the street they're using them to surveil cargo in trucks on highways so maybe you have something like that put into a drone you know down the line this is so projecting way down the line yeah then you can see into houses and then you're definitely breaking the constitution you're definitely so is there legislation on its way to make this legal not that we're aware of cause there is legal challenges against it not yet i think there will be soon though i think the fact that like v.h.s. before that and the fact that the customs and border patrol has not sought out authorization has not requested to be able just to ensure that tried to try to sue t.s.a. for this the scanner the federal courts we don't do constitutional issues well but this was a procedural issue actually when epic came in and challenged the body scanners in the airports we were able to go forward we got a very positive decision on the grounds that the government didn't seek public comment and what it is is there's a very specific procedure she had to go to when challenging agency action so
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a lot of people tried to challenge these and just come into court without going through the procedures and what we like to do and what we like to encourage others to do is really examine what you have to do first do you have to petition the agency and then you can take them to court and say this is wrong amy thanks so much thank you so much have a great day great to see you again cops using drones points to one unfortunate conclusion the rise of the military industrial complex and the militarization of our police are nearly complete. it's time for our daily poll your chance to tell us what you think here is that is question should on manned predator drones be used to spy on american citizens even if they are breaking the law your choices are yes it's great it's a great tool to catch criminals or know this is what a police state looks like log on to tom when i come to let us know what you think
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the poll be open until tomorrow morning. the clock is ticking for congress to come up with a plan to extend the payroll tax cut or else one hundred sixty million average working americans will get slammed with a thousand dollars acts like congress has until the end of the month and already senate republicans have twice filibustered plans by democrats to pay for an extension of the payroll tax cut for the middle class with a small roughly three percent tax increase exclusively on income over a million bucks a year republicans argue a tax hike on millionaires and billionaires no matter how small will kill the economy and strangle the so called job creators but n.p.r. blew a hole in that argument last week when they reached out to republicans who rush in law offices business lobbies and small business owners and asked what effect a small tax on millionaires would have on job creation the answer n.p.r. got it would have no effect. we wanted to talk to business owners who would be
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affected so n.p.r. requested help from numerous republican congressional offices including house and senate leadership they were unable to produce a single millionaire job creator for us to interview so we went to the business groups that have been lobbying against the surtax again three days after putting in a request none of them was able to find someone for us to talk to so we put a query on facebook and several business owners who said they would be affected by the millionaire surtax responded it's not in the top twenty feelings that we think about when we're making a business hire even yang so what's the real reason behind the republican filibuster is it to protect the one percent at all costs or to sabotage the economy by taking a thousand bucks out of the pockets of each of one hundred sixty million americans tony katz joins me now he's the host of the tony katz radio spectacular on all patriots media network tony welcome back hey it's good to be here and i want to
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vote no in the poll i don't believe in predator drones attacking on american citizens i'm with for the record tony i'll bet you ten thousand dollars of mitt romney's money that you can't find a billionaire who will lay people off of his income over a million dollars is taxed at the rate of an extra three bucks per one hundred. hey i will bet you the same ten thousand dollars that there's nothing president obama won't do as a political stunt like for example wanting to extend the payroll tax cut if we can go from six point two percent which is the payroll tax to four point two percent which we've done now and now they want to actually cut it in half why does it have to be a stunt let's just do it let's just do it permanently or let's find another way to fund social security which has no money in it because it's been overspent but let's not even make you see here and as to what six are really dollars situation so saturday has to we're in six trillion dollars in and so security trust but for the record so scary want to solve it for the next twenty seven years and i can pay eighty percent of benefits forever after that and if we did away with the caps of
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the people making more than a hundred thousand dollars we're paying into the so security trust fund it would be solvent for ever and in fact i would have a surplus for the record and you know if that was true then you would be agreeing with me that we could just get rid of it or cut it in the end half anyway all those are those are just very settled facts right now that it's done but while you may call it a stunt but putting a thousand dollars into each of one hundred sixty million people's pockets over the course of a year to stimulate an economy is what's called giving job creators an opportunity to do job creation i mean this is this is a fundamental fairness issue tony it has to do with you know what's what's the thing you know how do how do you what how do you want to fairly treat the people who are on the job those money. tom you're not going to get me on to be on a side where i'm not in favor of a tax cut where i'm not in favor of people being able to keep their own money and make their own decisions the conversation is how do you pay for it that's where this disagreement is and i don't believe that the paying for it should come in
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a tax increase it should come in a spending so you think you can on that there are to ask somebody who makes more than a million dollars a year after they've made their first million to spend an extra three dollars on every hundred that they make in order to make this country work you think that that's unfair i feel you have a comment about your airness what happened if you want the middle eighty's let's talk about well to you that you don't think it's fair let's talk about well boils one of my loyal loyal loyal listeners who andriy you've got you've got the majority is out he's got a harbor since i was on the bill who earned more than a million dollars there's the you know there's these these five guys because i'd like to talk with you about fairness loyalty sanctity authority and liberty because i think that all of them are being hit by this and with you know clearly you think that this is on you that it's unfair to tax millionaires you know even not absolutely not those are words your words in my mouth that i want to accept it so you think it is why are they i don't ask i don't accept tom tom i don't accept their conversation about fairness your idea of fire ness of my idea of fairness of
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two different things i want to talk about justice if we're going to talk about raising the taxes on people who make a living do you think it's right that the people who get the benefit of that money should be able to vote on whether or not they raise taxes on that won't affect them you're talking about creating a subsect class and inferior class in this case who the hell are you to talk about liberty when you're willing to do that to the american people to sons that makes no sense well how does that not make sense you want people who don't make that kind of money to be able to raise the taxes on people who do make that kind of money and you're giving people who are going to be the benefit i don't think all you that we're talking about is i don't know how they're random we have a constitutionally limited representative democratic republic in this country our representatives make these decisions and our representatives are looking at this and saying you know if the people who are making over a million dollars a year pay a little more in taxes that is just that is that is fair and i when i was a i was going to rework zones that are for the whole country would be to really because especially because the rich people will be better off to. those people who
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are being you know are all what do you have against british people will be better oh i do you hate that is someone sri is better off. tony apparently we're talking past each other i.e. i don't get what is so sacred in your mind of keeping of people who make more than a million dollars why are they more savior moving focus on the ballot you are right i would want you to keep it straight what so why are they more sacred than the value than the country having a country work. you think that this conversation is about sacred you think this conversation is about fairness well those are fine cute wonderful loving words but that's not what this conversation is about this conversation is about whether or not we spend too much it's a conversation about spending and the payroll tax cut is being used as a stunt by the president and others in order to gain political points we're doing
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this all against the american people we're using them as the pawns that's discussed you know neither are you heard at all or some going to be a gauge of conversation about tax policy that makes sense our spending is not causing this problem and i'm sure that you know this that if you look at the deficit that you have right now twenty five percent of it is the result of the bush tax cuts twenty five percent of it is the present is the result of the recent recession and about the other half of it is the result of two unpaid wars and medicare part d. all unfunded all done by george w. bush plus you look at the deficit we find that your net was the one i not like that planners were talking about spending i would agree about spending what do you what does it matter what you say it is a percentage of you if you don't have that obama rather than what it is he has a deli owner in the world are spending is about is actually what he was talking about bush is spending and not obama spending take a look at the trillions spent under obama that matters it is a spending conversation it is not ok why don't we take our spending then do you
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think the candidates are doing well you know they know their banks have failed they've had basically no recession and their unemployment level is below five percent of they're doing ok i don't understand the question maybe our government spending as a percentage of g.d.p. is just about fifty percent what about twenty two percent it seems to me like we're not spending enough. really so you're a believer in the keynesian model that we can spend our way into prosperity never works it has never worked it's working in canada it doesn't work it's working just fine i can spare you catch it is that the case that that the canadian economy can survive and thrive in good to new faces when i'm fifty years add in for night i'm into nothingness they've been doing a canteen gauge in that in the united states and you can't produce a result from that tony tony i hear you while watching i'll leave you with the last word on the why the only answer for you taxation they leave behind last word on that that we're out of time thanks a lot for being with us tonight i don't even know what we talked about that to say
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ok according to a new report by the tax justice network over three trillion dollars worldwide is lost to tax evasion thanks to millionaire and billionaire c.e.o.'s stashing their profits in swiss bank accounts that means one out of every six dollars in the world is not subject to tax enough with the pity for millionaires and billionaires it's time for them to step up and pay their fair share roll back the reagan tax cuts. coming up the u.n. climate summit has wrapped up in south africa and there's good news and bad news you need to know. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through that sort of being made who can you trust no one who is you know view with the global machinery to see where we had a state controlled capitalism it's called sasha's.


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